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Welcoming Your Puppy To New Home

Anticipation builds as the time draws nearer for your new puppy to come home. I advise that the “new parents” plan ahead which helps the new arrival to adapt quicker and easier. If you have all the pets basic needs in place you can focus on his training and help him become more accustomed to his new surroundings.

 Do your shopping in advance. You’ll need a collar and a leash. ( The earlier they get used to it the better.) You’ll need a brush, comb and a slicker brush. I will have already begun their training on the daily brushing. Grooming is an important daily part of their care. Making it a time that is not stressful but calm and fun helps both you and the puppy. I usually choose a time when I am sitting watching TV after the baby has had a play period and is tired. It helps to relax him.

You will need to buy easy to clean food and water bowls. I prefer the stainless steel or ceramic as the hard plastic or rubber bowls are more prevalent for germs and bacteria. Your puppy will be water bottle trained also. I find that with the shih tzu and their beards it is much easier to bottle train. I use the gerbil water bottles that hang on the side of the crates. This ensures that the water is always clean and that their faces stay cleaner and dryer.

Your puppy will need his own bed and his own crate. A crate is not only a haven to the little guy but also a wonderful aid in house breaking. You will find that even though a shih tzu is a sturdy little dog, he is small and there will be a time that he will need to be out of the family traffic. The crate provides this for him. All of my babies know which crate is theirs at night. When I use the term, “Bedtime,” they all go to their beds and wait for their night time treat of a treat. I always give a treat and you will be surprised how fast this will work for you!

Shih Tzu love toys! I have found the small squeakies are their favorites.

Please remember that the Shih Tzu are inside house pets. Extreme heat or cold is dangerous to these little darlings.

You will want the proper diet on hand to meet the nutritional needs of your rapidly growing new comer! I will send a care package home with your baby to help you out the first few days.

Puppy proofing your home is important. Follow the rule, if it is not safe for small children, then it is not safe for small dogs.

Most important is choosing a veterinarian for your new family member before you even bring him home. He will be checked by my vet and also given his first shots and worm medications but I will advise you to take him to the vet within a two day period to insure his safety and to validate our contract. You can check with your friends and neighbors who have pets to find a very good veterinarian. Ask questions specific to your breed.

If at all possible, try to pick your puppy up when you will have a long weekend or a few vacation days to spend with him. This will give you time to bond and also to acquaint him with his new home and to begin his housebreaking and other training.